"Daddy, Why Is That Mouse Sleeping?"

Client: D-Con

Art Direction

Most rodent control products – like snap or glue traps – kill mice. But they leave you with a new issue once the mouse is dead: you have to look at a dead mouse. And this is an even bigger issue if you have children. Who wants to explain death to a kid?

As the makers of the No View, No Touch Mouse Trap, we saw an opportunity to grow our customer base by targeting families in a unique way. The biggest priority a parent has is his or her child, so we tapped into this emotional territory.

We created a children’s book that parents who don’t choose the D-Con No View, No Touch Mouse Trap might have to read to their kids. We showed the downside of using a traditional trap and introduced them to our product. The book was used on the brand’s website and shared throughout the trade & sales marketing team.